Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, I feel the new guy I'm dating is GETTING TOO COMFORTABLE! He shows up unannounced, hits up my fridge like nothing,...puts his feet up on my coffee table and as left clothes at my place. Um, I need him to SLOW HIS ROLL....without being straight up...... any suggestions on how to bring him down some levels. ??


Norma Estrada
Put his clothes in a bag and tell him “um I think you forgot this here” say you made plans with friends or family (girls only) if shows up unannounced so that the subject is easier to talk about since you obviously can’t be forward with him. It’s your … See More
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Bee Ninetythree
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Sammy Castaneda
Why do people not speak their minds. If you can’t talk to your bf/gf/spouse about things then you need a new partner. Stop tip toeing around things and be up front.
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Leemon Perez
You should of parked that before it started !!!
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Darren Tryon
If he's already spent the night, it's too late. You're gonna have to speak your mind
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Eric Holguin
That fool homeless girl!! Done fed the stray now he won't leave!! 😂
Albert Tarango
Chicks who play games end up with duds that are only worth the 50 cents they spent to win him!
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Eloy Gerardo Gonzalez
Too late if he is leaving his stuff there basically he already moved in and you need to speak up and tell him

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Josieandramon Bustos
Why can't people just say the truth its your house your life. Girl step up or shut up. What something say it or it will only get worse
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Jennifer Lee Sanchez
Communication is key.

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