Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Is my girlfriend abusing the privilege of having my my house key! We obviously do not live together, but YES I gave her a key to my house.  Well, the other day I noticed she had been there for lunch while I was not there which is no biggie but I noticed there was a lot of lunch bag trash. I asked her about it and it seems that she had a couple of other co-workers over for lunch as well. I didn't push the issue but it happened again. How do I approach this without being in the dog house.???


Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Just ask her nicely not to be bringing anyone else to YOUR house! She should have asked you first anyways!

Be up front and tell her you arent comfortable with it!

If you weren’t ready to take that step in moving in together you definitely should have not given her a key .All of this could have been avoided if you waited until you were ready! Just talk to her and be honest with how you feel !

Just dump her


Just ask ..geeze it is your house ..just say hey babe ..im a little uncomfortable with people I dont know being in my home...boundaries and respect


That’s not cool


Just tell her she’s going to have to have a cover charge entry fee for anyone else going into your house.


If we ain’t living together she ain’t havin a key to my house as I wouldn’t want one to hers. If something happened in her house I don’t want to hear any crap. And to bring strangers into MY HOUSE while I’m gone?? HELL NAW!!!!!


Red flag, are you blind?


Just tell her you do not want other people in your home without your consent or when you are not home.


You don’t fffff up by giving her the key!
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No that’s disrespectful. She should’ve asked you because that’s not her house regardless if she has a key. You have her that key for emergencies only.


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