Let us begin by saying that Road Rage is not acceptable at any time or any place... Not cool. But everyone knows there are those certain intersections that people travel through that are a little scarier than others-and that can cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up if nothing else. It's normal to get irritated when you're stuck, cut off, or worse--in an accident. Patience is definitely an asset driving around on these streets. Scary can mean different things to different people in this scenario. For example, if you're in a hurry, stay away from Loop 250 and Midkiff in Midland at all costs because you'll sit there. At great length. Not only because of the traffic lights but also because of all the left turners that seem to be coming out of nowhere--continuously.

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So I've made a shortlist of the places that I've come across in my short year and a half here that have driven me nuts a time or three. I'd love to hear yours! Feel free to share this on your socials and get your friends to comment on theirs too. We can all use this as a therapeutic way to get thru these moments on the road, instead of chasing someone down who's cut us off and flipping them the bird. Save it for when you get where you're going--and share and comment! Here are my least favorite intersections in Midland and Odessa:

#1 LOOP 250 & 191 IN MIDLAND

Day and Night, tons of Traffic--and not everyone knows you must turn left when in the far left lane, and you have the potential to get cut off or even T-Boned.


This is the first intersection approaching the Ector County Coliseum and it's always packed.


With the whole "swerve to the left to stay on" as a part of this intersection--it drives me nuts.


In Midland--Loop 250 at Midland Drive, Wadley at Big Spring St, Wadley at Midland Dr, and the Midland Park Mall entrances--all of them. Comment below and tell us what YOURS are!!!

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