The struggle is real for people who do not drink coffee. Myself being one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I will drink it, I don't hate it, you just won't ever see me in line at the local coffee shop ordering a mocha, choca, latta anything, with good reason, read on...

so I was recently at an airport in Houston and they had a Starbucks. We had a bit of a layover and I needed a little pick me up. So I strolled in and decided to grab a small something. However I embarrassed myself more than anything.

Picture me rolling up to the counter, a line forming behind me as I semi-know what I want. I ask the young girl behind the counter what the drink is that tastes like a milkshake? She responds with, a frappuccino? I think that's it I say.

Then she asks what size I want? A small I say, followed by, sorry I'm probably the only person that doesn't know the sizes here. Smh. She politely smiles and says it's ok, it's a tall that you want. Sure I say, knowing full well I will forget the next time I decide to grab a drink from Starbucks. (probably again this time next year)

Then she asks what flavor? Do you have chocolate chip I ask? I think I've had that here before? Anything that doesn't taste like coffee. At this point, she's probably thinking lady you are in the wrong place if you don't want a coffee tasting drink. I seriously have no business stepping into a Starbucks or any other coffee shop for that matter, I only embarrass myself when I do and no doubt tick off all the real coffee drinkers behind me who know exactly what they want!

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