This Is Why I Have No Business At A Coffee Shop
The struggle is real for people who do not drink coffee. Myself being one of those people. Don't get me wrong, I will drink it, I don't hate it, you just won't ever see me in line at the local coffee shop ordering a mocha, choca, latta anything, with good reason, read on...
Why I Eat Apples For Breakfast
I've always heard that apples can give you the same kind of caffeine 'jolt' that coffee or sodas can in the morning. Apparently they contain vitamins that are released once you consume them that can make you feel more awake. Cool stuff huh?
Coffee With A Cop Event This Friday
Midland Police Department will be hosting Coffee with a Cop tomorrow morning. If you are interested in having some coffee and meeting some officers, now is your chance. The event will be held Friday morning, September 20th at Brew Street Bakery at 410 N. Garfield, Midland.
HA Know Someone Who Does This?
We all know that one person. I walked into the break room this morning and see this. Coffee with all these creamers next to it, it belonged to my co-worker. I asked him, what's the point? He said he hates coffee! So do I but wow! I can imagine how sweet this sucker is!
are you a fan?
Today is National Hot Chocolate Day! I think I shall celebrate my having a cup today. Here's the thing, if it comes down to coffee or hot chocolate for me in the morning to get my day going, I'm hot chocolate all the way!
is this even coffee?
I'll take some coffee 6 sugars, heavy cream and easy on the coffee please! lol I did not realize that I did this until a coworker pointed it out and clowned me. I'm so not a coffee drinker but every now and them a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for a pick me up in the mor…
Help! I Don’t Know How To….
Day one of Leo's vacation and I must admit, I miss him already! Not because I'm lonely in this room, not because I need him on the radio, but I miss him terribly because.....