Are You An Ice Person Or Nah?
There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who like their drinks with lots of ice and those that are like nope, no ice for me! Like one or the other, truly no in between. I am the pack in the ice girl. Tea, soda, water, I need a lot of ice, preferably pellet ice.
Any Starbucks Faves You Want To Share?
In the words of Craig David, 'what's your flavor?' Who doesn't love some Starbucks every now and then, or in some cases once a day, I don't judge. lol I'm on the hunt for a new Starbucks drink, preferably low-cal, low-fat, mocha choca latta....
Breakfast Of Champions!
Leo and I are always asked how we can be so 'happy and peppy' so early in the morning, since we wake up at 4 and have to be on the air by 6. This is what is next to me at this very moment. lol Coffee, vodka (I kid, its water) and tea. Maybe that's the key!
Your Fav Bar Drink?
Piggy backing on the post from earlier about Margaritas being America's favorite drink, I wonder if the 432 shares the same fav as the rest of the nation. I like Margaritas but it's not even on my top 5 drinks list.
We do things a little different in west Texas...