You ever have one of those days that you ask you yourself over and over, 'wow did that just happen?' That was me earlier recently one recent weekend. If you happened to see me around town, at the grocery store, cleaners, getting gas and I had white specks in my hair, let me clarify...

it was not lice! You see the bottle in the photo? It was parmesan cheese. We had ordered pizza and I always put parmesan on my pizza, well when I went to shake it up before pouring it all over my pepperoni, I had no clue someone had not closed it properly and yep, it was all over my kitchen! Ugghhh.

It was on my shirt, on my arm, word to the wise, this stuff STICKS! And unbeknownst to me, in my hair. What kind of family do I live with that not one of them told me? They claim they didn't notice. (insert eye roll here) So I went on about my afternoon with white flakes in my hair! Oh and by the way, the stench doesn't leave either as you can imagine.

Cut to, same day. I'm eating shrimp cocktail and they give me tabasco sauce to go with it. I attempt to open it but hadn't realized it was a brand new bottle. I hand it to my man to open, he takes off the plastic wrap, then hands it to me. I proceed to shake it and yes you guessed it, it went flying everywhere! So now I have parmesan and tabasco sauce all over me. What a day! Is someone trying to tell me something? Do I need to stop using condiments? lol

Has this ever happened to you?

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