IN MY OPIONION....This morning's BUZZ QUESTION really was almost a BATTLE OF THE SEXES! A guy wrote in and said his wife gets MAD every time he tells her to 'Calm Down'!
I'm not going to lie when I say this hits close to home. I'm guilty of it! LOL Yep, I have said it and do say it whenever I feel like she has thrown something at me that I feel is being escalated for no reason. Now, I'm not saying I'm not at fault in the argument, but I am saying that YES I have done this.

So the guy on our Buzz Question want's to KNOW why she gets angry. Bro, there is no real answer to this, but what I have learned is that it doesn't matter why she gets angry because the end result is that she gets angry when you do this. So why do this? YEP, IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING GETS HER ANGRY, THAN WHY DO THIS? Wrong or Right, she has told you that it angers her and that is ALL you need to know.

Best advice, don't do it. I have learned to try to NOT say those words because honestly it doesn't help the situation. There can be some valid reasons why she doesn't like for you to say 'Calm Down' and they are all VALID. So, why keep doing it? What I'm saying is 'THROW UP THE WHITE FLAG' you can't win. LOL

And mind you it doesn't have to be the words' Calm Down' it could be
RELAX, Chill Out, Don't Worry About It, Bring It see it's not the exact words that she doesn't like but maybe the TONE or Condescending feeling it gives her. Yep, not cool to give those vibes by saying 'Calm Down'.

So in the end, there is now winning this debate. She doesn't like it when you say 'Calm Down' SO don't do it. Simple. If not, the COUCH is always waiting for you! LOL

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