Every Friday is POPCORN FRIDAYS at the Townsquare Media studios. Yep, how do I know. Because I'm the one who makes it.  Funny little tidbit about me, I'm the 'Popcorn Guy' at the radio station. Every Friday, I'm the one in charge of making 'POPCORN'. So, after I get off the morning show wit Rebecca, I hit the popcorn machine!

It's LEO'S POPCORN MAKER! LOL Actually, it's a pretty cool machine we ordered off Amazon. True story, if you ever order a POPCORN popper online, make sure you know what size you are getting. We thought we we were ordering a 'bigger' one than the one we got, but that's our fault. Just a a warning if you ever order one for yourself or workplace.

Anyways, the machine is awesome. And, I'm going to say it, way better than Microwave Popcorn. I have learned that the best made popcorn is definitely from a machine that heats up the oil and rotates. Pretty much like the HUGE ones they have at Movie Theaters. That's why MOVIE POPCORN is the best. It's because of the machines, trust.

So, every Friday I head to our break room and have at it. Here are the steps I do.

1) turn on the Popcorn Machine which starts to heat up the PAN

2) Put a small amount of BUTTER/OIL made for popcorn. You can find it at United or HEB.

3) After I put the oil in I wait about 1 minute than put a good scoop of KERNELS in the machine. (I have learned that Orville Redenbacher  is the BEST popcorn kernels to use. Trust I have gone through a bunch of different brands.

4) Then wait... and as soon as the kernels start popping, just keep an eye on the container so you can turn it over and let the popcorn fall into the tray below.

5) SEASON THE POPCORN. Don't just add salt NOPE! Add Butter SALT and Regular Salt to the POPCORN and toss the popcorn around.

This is what works for me! Is there anything FUN you do on Fridays at your work?

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