With tomorrow being Monday, after a long, hard day of (watching) football, bar-be-quing and drinking it up over the weekend, many may be considering 'calling in sick to work.'

I came across an article of excuses that have been used in the past that you may want to avoid using. Believe it or not, someone actually said they couldn't go to work because they couldn't find anything to wear. lol I may try that.....if I want to get fired that is.



Other than the typical, I'm sick, kids are sick, going to the doctor excuse, I think the craziest reason I had to call in was because I had lost my voice and obviously I need a voice for my job so I was home until it came back. This actually happened about three years in a row, the exact same time every year. True story! I can't fake that. lol What outrageous excuse have you used to get out of going to work?

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