Whether you have kids or a busy work schedule, it's going to happen. Despite all your work to get somewhere on time, you'll be a few minutes late. While there are some excuses your boss/spouse may not accept, here a few that only West Texans can get away with saying.

  • 1

    “I needed to make a left turn onto 42nd Street or Wadley.”

  • 2

    “I had to take I-20/Highway 191 to get here. Be happy I even got here ok.”

  • 3

    “Taco Tuesday”

  • 4

    “There was ice/snow on the roads.” This one doesn’t matter how much there is. If there’s even the slightest hint of ice on the roads during Winter, it works.

  • 5

    “The MHS vs Lee or OHS vs Permian game was last night.” Yep, no one can deny wanting to see those games every year.


    "It's Back in the Day Friday on B93 and my favorite song was on the radio!"