America is a nation that is full of hard working people, and Texas is certainly not a place where people are afraid to get their hands dirty. We notice it everyday don't we? Except with the road work, that seems like it takes forever to get done doesn't it.

Jokes aside, data shows that Americans are constantly working hard. According to OCED, Americans worked an average of 1,791 hours per year, as of 2021. Data also shows that Americans refused 4.6 days off as an overall average. But that's just an overall look at the entire nation.

What About The 50 Individual States Themselves?

Wallethub dug a little deeper into the data to ascertain which state in the United States holds the title of hardest working state. Multiple factors went into the decision:

- Average Workweek Hours
- Employment Rate
- Share of Households where No Adults Work
- Share of Workers Leaving Vacation Time Unused
- Share of Engaged Workers
- Idle Youth (18-24) Rate
- Average Commute Time
- Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs
- Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident
- Average Leisure Time Spent per Day

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With all of these factors in hand, where did one certain state we all know and love end up in the rankings?

Texas' Final Ranking

The Lone Star State took 5th place in the overall rankings. Texas scored a 57.91 in overall ranking. South Dakota was fourth, followed by Nebreska, Alaska and North Dakota in that order. We can't be the only one surprised by North Dakota taking number one though right?

But regardless, it looks like Texas has some more work to do before we become the hardest working state in the nation.

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