This Is How My Monday Started Off
Well happy Monday to me! (insert eye roll here) Hell to the no to this stinkin spider that greeted me as I attempted to go to the restroom at work this morning. Needless to say, I turned around and went back to the B studios and told Leo to come save me and kill it!
This Is How My Monday Is Going…..
How is your Monday going? This is how mine started out. A broken coffee pot, thus no coffee for me to start off my work week! (insert crying emoji here) Don't you love it when things like this happen? In my household, I start asking around. Who broke the coffee pot? Does anyone know what happen…
mondays suck
So how is your Monday? Mine started off with a fall, how bow dah? lol Unfortunately I don't have the actual photo or video of me face planting at my house but just know I have the scratches and in a couple of days bruises to prove it!