I must admit I'm all the about the latest, coolest, prettiest, tastiest drinks at Starbucks. If someone says 'it's so pretty,' then you can bet I'm standing in line to get one! lol Thus was the case with the new Crystal Ball Frappuccino

I tried one yesterday and I have to say yes, yes, yes! It's fabulous! Why? Because it tastes like one of my favorite flavors, peach. If you are NOT a peach person, don't bother because that's all I could taste, and #2 it's not too sweet, so you're not getting a stomach ache afterward. It's not 'too much.' And yes it is pretty....purple, turquoise and some crystals on top! Yum! I want another. Except that these types of drinks are usually only around for a limited time so if you plan to get your hands on one, you better hurry!

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