Ummmm I'm sorry, where have you been my whole life? Literally I have lived in this area my entire life and just a few days ago realized that there is an area in Midland that if you stand in just the right spot, you wouldn't even know you were in Midland! I mean the picture I took speaks for itself. 

Leo and I happened to be taking some new photos to update our websites and such (some of the ones we have up now are over 10 years old-lol) and the boss decided on Wadley-Barron Park in Midland. Well seeing as how I've never lived in Midland, I never knew this park even existed. I know, how could I be under a rock for so long?

Leo said check it out, let's walk over here and it's like you're transformed. Like you are in another city altogether...with the views, the pond, the tall buildings in the background. It was amazing! Like I was suddenly in downtown Dallas or something.

And while we were there, I saw mom's and little ones having picnics, locals getting in a little exercise, enjoying what is probably their daily walk with this beautiful scenery and there was a lovely couple sitting under a huge shade tree, reading to one another it seemed. It was so peaceful. I was beyond impressed and also disgusted with myself for not knowing that was right here in the 432!

I even said this would be and more than likely is a very popular spot for family photos or bridal photos. Heck take the entire wedding party there and snap away, it is gorgeous! In case you happen to be new in town, let me do you a solid and let you know this needs to be on your list of places to visit in Midland. There is a pond, a path to go for a stroll with your loved ones, a gazebo and huge, beautiful shade trees. Wadley-Barron is located at 1001 N A St.
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