So yeah I did it. You knew I would. I mean I've been obsessed with Vin Diesel since the Fast franchise first began so why wouldn't I go the day it opened? I've seen every single movie pretty much opening weekend so this one was no different. Also thanks to me, my kids are invested, so it was a no brainer for us to go watch F9 yesterday...

now I could 100 give you a review, give you my take, what I loved, what I didn't but then that would be big time spoiling it for you and I wouldn't do you like that. So instead I will just let you know what it's like being at the movies with Rebecca and Co. We are a circus when we go to the movies. lol Things overheard while watching the new Fast movie with the fam....

Before the movie:

  • Mom, can we get candy?
  • Can we play games afterward?
  • How long is this movie going to last?
  • Can I get a large drink?
  • Can we watch (insert upcoming movie here) that when it comes out?
  • I have to go to the bathroom.
  • Can I have my OWN popcorn mom?
  • What movie are we going to watch? I forgot.

During the movie:

  • Mom, will you hand me my straw?
  • Mom, did you grab napkins?
  • Can I have more popcorn?
  • Who is that character?
  • Can I have my candy now?
  • I have to go to the bathroom again.
  • How much longer is this movie going to last?
  • Ooooh, this movie just got way cooler, there's a singer in it!
  • Omigosh mom they say that person's name like every 5 minutes in this movie!
  • Is it almost over?

It is quite the experience going to the movies with kids. It's a wonder I got to watch any of it. I'm a pro now I guess.

I will say this, there were a couple of surprises in this one. A few characters I had completely forgotten about and quite the shocking ending. I loved it and I think you will too!
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