Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I DINGED my husband's car pretty bad like 3 weeks ago and I blamed it on our neighbor. Well, my husband now has a bad taste for him and I feel bad about it. You don't understand, my MAN is obsessed with his ride. Fess up or just let it go at this point?

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Manuel Palma
Well yea, fess up,,, what else u lying about.. now to neighbors r enemies

Sammy Castaneda
Honesty is the best medicine. If you can’t be honest with your spouse, There’s is a problem.

Angel Borunda
Girls be like...

Elias Carrasco Jr.
Poor neighbor just watering his lawn and your husbands comes out dogging him

Courtney Holdampf
Fess up.

Michelle Lopez

Heather Cadena Fuentes
Dumb question…fess up! Nobody likes a liar!

Gabriel Prieto
Fess up after the fist fight..

Ray Ray
Look you know your husband. You should now how to respond to him. So you blamed your neighbor. As long as your husband doesn't plan on confronting the neighbor in any way, what's the big deal?

Louis Lane
Look, I've done it before . I have blamed other people for tings I've done. As long as it's not a BIG lie I don't see the harm in it. Is your husband really STILL trippin BOUT IT? Probably not. So, your probably good!

La Loca
Mira, esta bueno. Si no quires decir la verdad, pos a si es la vida. No que no?

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