So I went on a mini-vacay recently and had the best time, ate some of the best food and without a doubt met some of the most amazing people! Fun fact: did you know it is absolutely possible to meet someone that lives here in Texas, born and raised, but has never heard of this area? Had no clue where Odessa/Midland was even located. I mentioned we were in West Texas, so my friend asked 'by El Paso right?' I said not quite so far West. lol

    1. So since it is the beginning of football season, of course I threw out highschool football! I said ever heard of 'Friday Night Lights?' To which my new friend replied, nope. Are you kidding me? I legit assumed people all over the world knew what it was? Apparently not. I said Friday Night football is it. especially here in West Texas. Watch the movie, check out some of the tv show, that will get you up to speed.
    2. Oilfield! Oilfield! Oilfield! I told her if you have a friend or family member in need of a job, send them this way, they can make bank. However it can be a catch 22. The cost of living here is pretty high, as are gas prices (no complaints here). I also told my friend that the good thing is you can use all of the pump jacks in the Permian as landmarks. Turn left at the pump jack, go a couple streets down and that is where you will find such and such. Don't say you haven't done it at least once! lol
    3. I did have to explain that even though often times people say Midland Odessa as if they are once big city, they are not. At one time the cities were about 15 miles apart BUT these days it seems as if they will completely connect at some point.
    4. My new friend is from Central Texas so I was quick to say, ummm yeah no we don't have trees like you are used to. It's not green and it is not unusual to drive for miles in any direction leaving Midland/Odessa and see nothing but flat, dry land. Tell me I'm wrong. I have a commute to and from work, I know these things! lol
    5. And finally I did say both cities have some of the friendliest people in the state of Texas. Hands down some of the most polite, generous, helpful, people you will ever meet come from Odessa and Midland, TX baby! Don't be surprised to hear yes sir, yes ma'am, can I help you, pardon me, please and thank you everywhere you go.

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