If you are looking to get away, out of the 4-3-2 like we were, here's a photo of what you can expect if you plan to hit up any rivers in Texas. We decided we wanted to float the river like we've done so many summers before and let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. By the way, this picture in no way even comes close to capturing how packed it truly was.

Blame that on the picture taker (me). lol There were long lines for tubes, for air, for the shuttles, etc. and 'social distancing?' Forget it. That is out the window. I did not see any signs for guidelines, new protocol, nothing. Everyone pretty much feels the same as far as wanting to get away and taking a dip on a hot day. A heads up for those of you possibly thinking about doing this in the near future. Happy floating peeps!

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