It's prom season. I know, because my oldest is getting ready. The tux, the corsage, the dinner plans, omg it can get pretty pricey. If it's this way with boys, I cannot even imagine the expense for girl's! I did find out recently just how tough it can be, especially in these times. 

I met a sweet, beautiful young lady the other day who was invited to prom and accepted but was having a hard time putting an entire outfit together. For those of us who went to prom back in the day, or any type of formal for that matter, I ask you to consider giving to those who deserve to make their own prom memories but have limited resources.

I'm talking in terms of an old dress you will never use again, accessories, shoes, jewelry, things of that nature. There is absolutely no shame in getting a little help in times like this. If you are interested in donating so that a teenage girl can have her 'Cinderella moment,' why not give to local organization, Perfect PROMise. Click here for more info: