I have to say up until recently, I had never heard of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. A friend says she has visited the ReStore before and paid a very reasonable amount of money for household items to remodel her home. I listened intently wanting to know more about this 'ReStore,' it sounds great!

The purpose of this ReStore located in Midland, is to collect items that individuals or families wish to donate to be sold in the ReStore to then help fund the non-profit, Habitat for Humanity in their effort to build more homes for those in need.

However, the ReStore is now is need of donations. Donations have been exceptionally low because of the pandemic.  According to ReStore director Tammy Schmidt, 'many calls come in from families cleaning out garages, or have dressers or other types of furniture they no longer use or have a need for' to be donated to the ReStore for another family to purchase at a great price and use in their home.

Those donations are greatly needed in order for Habitat for Humanity to continue their mission of building houses on a regular basis. There are certain items that are not accepted and those include mattresses, clothing, gas appliances, dishwashers and even ceiling fans for example.

If you have furniture that you consider to be in great condition, hardly used or damaged that you would like to 'get rid of,' consider donating it to the ReStore. If you have a question about whether or not they will accept the item you wish to donate, simply call the ReStore at (432)682-9606. The ReStore is located in Midland at 305 E. Texas Ave.
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