If you asked kids what their favorite thing about going back to school is I bet more than half would answer, back-to-school shopping! I mean, I was a kid in school once, and that is what I looked forward to every school year. Well now that a new school year is underway, that is exactly what we have all been doing for the past couple of months, lots of clothes shopping!

For me as a youngster, it was a routine. A few weeks or even a month before school was set to start, my parents would take me school clothes shopping. As a young girl who loved to shop especially for new clothes, it was always something I looked forward to.

I got to pick out my own school supplies, choosing a backpack was a life-changing decision back in the day. The cool kids had cool, trendy backpacks. That is what my little elementary mind thought at the time anyway and it was always exciting deciding what to wear on the first day of school!

So the question is where did you shop as a kid? There was no such thing as online shopping, which my mom probably would have loved if it were a thing when I was school age so there we were hitting up every store I wanted to check out at the time.

Which stores were they? The ones my parents could afford of course, including the one in the photo. Remember Mervyn's? I loved school clothes shopping at Mervyn's and both Midland and Odessa had one. For me, there was also K-Mart, Montgomery Ward, and Sears. I'm pretty sure my parents had credit cards for the last 2. It was so easy back then to charge and go.

So if you're like me, when you take your kids for a little back-to-school shopping, it probably stirs up some great memories of your childhood. Which stores did your parents take you to for back-to-school shopping?

Caldorwards (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Caldorwards (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Photo of Mervyn’s by Caldorwards (CC BY-SA 3.0 – No Changes Made)

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