Most of us have been camping I think it is safe to say. I mean I myself grew up camping with my little family, in a pop-up camper being pulled behind my dad's pickup truck. Some of my fondest memories are at some of the most amazing campgrounds throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Our little pop-up did not have a bathroom so we were really 'roughing it.'

No bathroom also means no shower, so back in the day, we had to stay at the campgrounds that had access to both. My siblings are quite a bit older than me and they remember before our parents purchased our little pop-up they would tents! Who remembers doing that?

Well, those days are a thing of the past! Now 'glamping' is a thing and let me tell you there is no roughing it when it comes to glamping. First, let me give you the actual definition of glamping according to the Oxford Dictionary:

a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Yeah, there was nothing luxurious about the kind of camping we did growing up! But I have evolved and am here for the glamping trend. According to this TikToker, these are the most beautiful, luxurious glamping tents less than an hour from  Austin, Texas.

@theretreatonthehill Which one are you? or Thank you @mayelasjourney for showing is both #g#glampingt#texasglampinga#aframec#cliffhouseg#glampingtentt#txvacationt#txtravelw#westtexast#txhillcountryv#visittexast#txm#milkyways#stargazingt#travels#stargazeb#beautifuldestinationsu#uniquestayb#beautifulstayg#glampinglife♬ original sound - The Retreat on the Hill
I could easily be about that glamping life if we're talking about The Retreat on the Hill located in Cottonwood Shores! 


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