If you've got a case of the Monday blues, have a got a cure for you! There is just too much cute in this story for your spirits not to be lifted if you are having a blah kind of day....a little 14 month old boy named Oliver and his dog Daisy do everything together. They take naps, they watch tv and recently Oliver's mom discovered that Daisy will drive Oliver anywhere he wants to go. lol

Oliver was playing in his remote control toy car when Daisy jumped in and got behind the wheel. Oliver's mom says she was stunned and immediately decided to get video of the 'best friends.' She claims she had remote in hand and helped Daisy out a bit but it seemed everytime she went left with the remote, Daisy would steer right and take baby Oliver in another direction! lol Oliver looks to be having a great time riding shotgun as Daisy enjoys being chauffeur. Check out the adorable video:

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