There are many places to get a tattoo here in the 432. So, are you ready to try the latest craze? Yep, Embroidered Patch Tattoos are a thing. Now, don't worry it ISN"T a patch and it really isn't embroidered on your skin, IT JUST LOOKS LIKE IT. Yeah, it's an awesome illusion that makes your tattoo look like it was stitched on your skin like a patch on a jacket.

Check out the video and you will see how real these tattoos really look. They really do look like 'patches' they were sewed into your skin. Just the latest in the world of TATTOOS!

So, would I get one? I do have a tattoo and it's been a while since my first. I have been thinking about getting a second, but  not sure if I would go with the embroidery look.  I mean it does look very real, but just not sure if that's the look I want. But, I'm sure my mind can be changed. I guess I would want to see one up close and see what it really looks like. But, from the look of these in the video, they are slammin good.

I'm a big fan of Star Wars and I'm sure an embroidered Baby Yoda or Darth Vader  would just POP on me. LOL That's the thing with these type of tattoos, they really do look like they are POPPING OUT FROM YOUR SKIN, ALMOST A 3D LOOK.

So, would you ever get a 'embroidered patch' tattoo?

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