I like to eat. I'm a healthy latina and I love my food, especially what I grew up eating...mexican food! I will always say homemade, momma's cooking is hands down the best but I will never be able to recreate what she did. The food I grew up eating is by far the best. We all think that about momma's cooking am I right? 

So it is a bit taboo and never a good idea to engage in conversation about mexican food with anyone. If we are talking in terms of eating out, we all have our favorite restaurants and we are always searching for the 'most authentic' and as close to homemade as we can get.


I had a conversation with a server at a non-mexican food restaurant recently and she had just moved here from Cali. I told her that the best mexican food comes from West Texas without a doubt. Her response? Well I ate at a couple of restaurants in Dallas on a recent trip. Girl, no. I don't want to hear about your chain mexican food spots...Taco this or Cafe that. No ma'am!

I mean, check out my food porn. lol I had red enchiladas at one restaurant and green at another right here in the 432. Very different but very tasty and hands down the best, in my opinion, in Texas! I'm sure the folks (some of my good friends) from South Texas would argue this in a heartbeat. lol

Thoughts? Does the best mexican food come from this area?
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