Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Can you settle something for me and my husband? I say when GUEST are over THE MASTER BATHROOM IS OFF LIMITS! We have a guest bathroom for a reason. Well, the other day his friends are over watching the game and I guess the guest bathroom was occupied so my husband says USE THE MASTER BATHROOM! Um, NO!!! He's done this several times. I've told him the MASTER BATHROOM is personal with personal stuff in it. AND is off limits, right??

Here is what the 432 had to say about it...

Minnette Salazar
Master bathroom is always off limits to guests no matter what .That’s why their is a guest restroom ..I agree with having personal belongings that you want to keep private and not having it exposed to your guests.

Tessa Rowell
Agreed. But I guarantee if it was your friends, you'd would allow them to use the master.

Gloria B Johnson
Totally agree

Esperanza Gutierrez
Umm not necessary if you know guest are coming then put up belongings. You’re really going to make your guest hold in their pee until the other person gets out or needing to throw up.

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