So I went to a dear friend's baby shower this weekend and discovered that I am behind the times as far as what is out there for a baby these days. As my friend was opening her gifts, she opened up a 'baby Keurig' no lie. Many of us have Keurig's by now and for adults it is pretty self explanatory but first of all why does a baby need a Keurig and second how the heck does it work?

After looking into it I discovered it is very easy and quite handy. Much like a regular Keurig, with this one, you fill up the water on the side, pour the formula into the container, insert bottle, where normally a coffee mug would go, and watch this thing go to work. No mixing, no measuring and the water is already just the right temperature for feeding baby! No mess, no fuss. Wow! Now I want another baby so I can get a 'baby Keurig!' lol Have you seen or used one?

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