I'm about to watch the second Presedential Debate between OBAMA and ROMNEY. It makes for goot TV seeing these two go at it. Isn't it funny how we Americans love to DEBATE stuff.  It can never be both sides to something; we always need a winner.  Left Vs Right and so on. So I present to you other things we love to DEBATE about. Debate this!

  1. McDonald's Fries VS Any Other Fast Food Fries
  2. HBO VS Showtime
  3. Mac VS PC
  4. I-Phone VS Galaxy
  5. Sweet Tea VS Unsweetend Tea
  6. Boxers VS Boxer Briefs
  7. Pancakes VS Waffles
  8. Coke VS Pepsi
  9. Idol VS The Voice
  10. Summer VS Winter
  11. Iron Man VS Batman
  12. Satellite TV VS Cable TV

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