The What Color Is Rebecca's Blouse Debate
I'm not sure but I do believe I am wearing something that may cause an internet debate or at least one amongst our B93 listeners. lol This morning when I woke up, I chose this floral top to wear which at 4:30 in the morning looked navy blue. Once I wiped the sleep from my eyes, it appeared purp…
orange juice
The lastest debate on social media is one that I have actually pondered a time or two myself and is actually a 'thing' in our house. The orange juice debate...pulp or no pulp? My kids do not like pulp, plain and simple. I do!
Debate THIS!
I'm about to watch the second Presedential Debate between OBAMA and ROMNEY. It makes for goot TV seeing these two go at it. Isn't it funny how we Americans love to DEBATE stuff.  It can never be both sides to something; we always need a winner...