Crazy cold temps have hit the 432! Man, when Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow amd said there would be 6 more weeks of winter he wasnt lying. Take a look at this forecast.


Do you see what I see? Does that say -2 on Sunday night! MAMA!! Wow, I dont think I've ever felt -2. I think I heard the news say that the Permian Basin hasnt been this cold sinse the 80's. These are crazy cold temps hitting the Permian Basin.

GROCERY STORE shelves were getting empty the other day I went to pick some stuff up. It reminded me of when the Pandemic first hit. Went looking for some firewood....everyone was out. Yeah,these frigid cold temps are definitely affecting a lot of stuff.

If I remember well, February always seems to give the Permian Basin the coldest weather and snow.

Everytime it gets cold I'm always seeing people remind people to bring in their pets! I love these reminders. YES!!! Please remember that if its COLD FOR YOU it's COLD FOR THEM! Do the test. Stand outside with your pet for a couple of minutes and see what they are experiencing. Lets ALL show some love to our pets.

STAY OFF THE ROADS! We hear this all the time but slick roads are the most dangerous thing when cold weather hits. If you don't have to then don't is always the warning. And, if you do hit the roads SLOW DOWN!!!

Let's all be safe and look out for one another during these Crazy Cold Temps!

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