Corgi Dogs are definitely high on the CUTENESS FACTOR!
I have many friends and family that own Corgis.
So yes, I will be tagging all of them this article, as should you.

If you love CORGIS, your gonna love them even more now.

Who knew that this sport even existed? But, yep it happened over the weekend on ESPN.
I believe MLS soccer was being shown on ESPN this past Saturday during the afternoon when a surprise happened on ESPN, which usually shows Football, Baseball, Soccer or even recently the Little League Series. But Corgis? Yep, Corgi Racing was on! Yep, I'm so there for the party!
The USA Today article states....

The corgi race in question was the 2021 Corgi Races held at Emerald Downs in Auburn. Sadly, the race already happened back in July — and it’s not immediately clear if ESPN telegraphed this to their audience — but the event was a wonderful surprise even though it wasn’t live TV.

My faith in TV SPORTS Broadcasting has been restored because of this!

Look, I love me some NFL pre-season right now, BUT CORGI RACING???? Yes in deed!  Is this not the coolest thing? And, all the dogs look like they are having a ball!!

So this is an open letter to the guys in control of ESPN or any sports network. Please do us all a favor and make this a regular thing and YES even expand it to other awesome breeds of dogs!

If you own a CORGI, how do you  think your dog would do?

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