Yep, the Hobby Lobby parking lot in Midland will soon get some loving. And, if you have been there anytime in the recent past you know that is some awesome news.

According to this article on NewsWest 9.... the parking lot construction will begin next month up to the holidays and then begin again in the new year.

The article states....

The base has been saturated and no longer exists, yes that entire area has to be completely removed and redone," said Dave Knust, Chief Financial Officer for the Pilchers Group.

It has been an inconvenience for a lot of costumers, with tight fits and less spaces, but help is on the way.

"The entire job is expected to take 3 or 4 months," said Knust.


I love Hobby Lobby and so does my wife.  I found out the hard way that that parking lot needs some attention. One time I dropped her off at the front and took my truck into the parking lot. Well, that's where it got crazy. I saw that there were some cones up and stuff but little did I know that I would be traveling through a maze of cones and then hitting a dead end and stuck because it was a one way. LOL I can laugh it off but yeah the parking lot was and still is challenging. It was like taking a driving test, a driving test that I failed.

So, yes it is GREAT news to find out that they will be working on the parking lot soon and make the situation better in the near future.

Are thee any other parking lots in the 432 that you think need some love?

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