Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, I have a co-worker who has put me in the CIRCLE OF FARTS!! We WORK next TO EACH OTHER EVERY DAY. 1st time he did it we laughed. 2nd time...he kind of chuckled. THIRD time I was pissed! I told him he needs to stop but it continues. LOL...look I know this is ridiculous but really.... Suggestions.....


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Crystal Rodriguez
I’d rather lose a friend , co worker .. whatever , but I ain’t losing no intestines
· Reply · · 3h
Rebecca Taylor Turner
That's my Leo Caro he's bad one.
· Reply · · 4h
Rebecca Hernández
Embarrass him everytime he farts announce it or use a spray can spray everytime he does it. ‍♀️
· Reply · · 5h
Ricky Licon
He's killing the rona
· Reply · · 3h
Ozzy Rodriguez
The least he can do is be respectful and do it in the restroom or maybe he trying to have a farting competition
· Reply · · 5h
Jacob Garcia
Stay 6 feet apart remember “Covid is spread through a fart”