It's egg hunting time! One of my favorite things to do with my kids this time of year is color eggs for the Easter egg hunt. The night before, that is exactly what we do and each year gets more creative than the next. The excitement of getting the eggs prepared for Easter Sunday's egg hunt is one of the best memories! 

And this momma is perfectly ok with the kids having more than one Easter Egg Hunt. If the school decides to have one for fun I'm good with that. Let me look through your basket and see what those little plastic eggs are filled with. Is there anything I will like in there? lol Then you've got the church Easter Egg Hunt with hundreds of eggs all over the place...good times.

The City of Midland Parks and Recreation Division has an Easter Egg Hunt your children can be a part of coming up this Thursday April 1st. It's the 6th annual Easter Eggstravaganza at 2300 Butternut Lane, which is the The MLK Jr. Community Center. This egg hunt is free to the community and is for children 12 years of age and younger. There will be 5 different age groups so that each child will have the opportunity to gather the over 15,000 eggs that will be spread throughout the park.

The Easter egg hunt will begin at 6 pm and there will even be photo ops with the Easter Bunny while you're there! Pictures will begin at 5 pm and are available at $5 per photo. Proceeds from these photos will benefit the MIdland Municipal Employee Scholarship Fund.

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