Who's Dealing This Morning?
It's the Monday after Easter and if you don't have a ton of confetti in your hair the morning after, did you even celebrate? lol I was forced to wash my hair this morning because of these little monsters right here.
The Easter Candy Is Out
Move over Peeps and Cadbury Eggs because there's a new Easter candy in town! I was the convenience store the other day and spotted these Snickers eggs. Heck to the yeah! Love them already. Why? Because I get 2 that's why. lol What's better than 1 Snickers? Double baby!
Easter Egg Hunting Etiquette
We hope everyone had an amazing, safe Easter weekend! As you can see, our babies had a great time hunting their eggs and especially our daughter who was able to find her own eggs this year, she is at the age where she was able to run around and enjoy.  However, when you were hunting your eggs, …
My Experience Shopping For Easter
Easter is this Sunday! So I made the trip to the store this week for the 'Easter egg hunt' goodies, such as basket, grass, candy filled eggs and THE EGG DYE! Have you seen the shelves lately? There is so much to choose from these days....