Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So me and my soon to be EX man are breaking up. Question - Who gets the FACEBOOK? You see, we have always shared a facebook. It has both of our names on it. I know he probably hasn't thought of it, but I have! We have a joint account. Should I just BOOT him off the facebook? I'm Just wondering....

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Kristal Martinez
Delete the whole thing and start fresh. Who gives a crap who gets it‍♀️‍♀️
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Jenny Penny Freeman
Shut it down !!
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Marc Dimmig
He probably wont want it anymore. You can probably keep your toliets also!
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Christopher Brown
Don't tell me...one of you cheated. Hence the joint FB account in the first place.

Honestly, he probably doesn't want the account. He probably wants to star his own so he can start fresh and not have any of your friends on it. And, you should probably look, because something tells me that he already has started hiw own Facebook.

La Loca
What you don't know is that he already has another Facebook account. Actually , it would be a great idea if you both start new. Like that you both can go lforward and your frined sdon't have to choose or LEAVE the current account. Your friends would probably bemore comfortable just going to.

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