Question? Did anyone else watch movies, as a kid with your parents? I think it's safe to assume that I did not have a choice. There was 1 tv in our house, therefore what mom and dad watched, I was stuck watching. For dad it was always sports. Mom with her novelas and the occasional movie. There was one in particular that has me scarred for life. 

I had to look up what this movie was called and what year it came out, because it was so old and odd to be honest. How could I not have known as a child that this was all fake? Having watched it as an adult, it was so horribly made. lol The movie is called The Birds and it came out in 1963. I guess you would classify it as a 'horror' movie, although it is not really that scary, but little Rebecca was terrified of black birds after watching it! 

Literally the movie is about birds that attack people in a small town. For this small town girl, I always thought if I saw a black bird, he would call on all of his friends and come eat me and attack me like they do in the movie. And just FYI, check out the picture I took just the other day. I have noticed over the years that black birds gather over a certain location in Odessa. Don't believe me? Next time you are driving near the mall on Tanglewood, check out the stop light coming out of the mall. Creepy black birds everywhere, sit atop that light, waiting to attack!
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