Time for another stupid survey or study. A new study looked at the top Pet Peeves in all 50 states. You know, pet peeves, things that bother you. So, is it really possible to pick just one pet peeve, I think not. I mean, if only one thing bothered us, it really wouldn't be such a big deal. I believe we have a collection of pet peeves. But, this is looking at the one pet peeve that bothers you the most. We talked about it this morning with Leo and Rebecca in the morning.

It looks like slow internet is number one overall. Surprised, I mean slow internet can ruin anyone's day. Slow internet to me could be a problem actually, having no internet biggest pet peeve. Not slow internet, but no internet. Not being able to get connected, that right there bothers the heck out of me. Burping is actually a pet peeve. You know, this pet peeve doesn't bother me at all maybe, it's because I'm the burper. This pet peeve is all me. It's the number one pet peeve in the state of Texas which of course is where we live. Another pet peeve on the list is when someone else's kids won't behave . There are seven states where this is the biggest pet peeve. Damn, this pet peeve doesn't bother me too much. I guess if I were in a restaurant or a movie theater it would get on my nerve. I figure it's not my kid so someone else has to deal with it.

Bragging and littering also made the list. Other than littering, bragging doesn't bother me too much. I don't mind when people brag as long as they can back it up. Other pet peeves on the list are laziness, bad traffic driving which I think is a big pet peeve for a lot of people. Anyways, your biggest pet peeve ? Can you pick just one?


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