Ok fellas, this one is for you. It's no secret that almost all of us love to cook on the grill. However, some of us are more gifted on the back yard mushroom cloud than others. If you guys were wondering where to get THE best steaks in the 432, look no further. Midland Meat Company raises their own cattle right here. Yes, they have a wagyu bull. Is it the cheapest? Hell no. It's the best. The best is never the cheapest. These beauties are wagyu rib eyes and if you cook them correctly, they will be the best steaks you ever eat. Here's how you do it.

Salt, pepper, olive oil, and THAT'S IT! DO NOT disrespect these steaks by putting a bunch of junk on them. Just fire up the grill and put a generous amount of salt and pepper on them. Don't be shy with the salt and pepper. Throw some olive oil on them, then spice the hell out of them. Once the coals have burned all to white and the grill is nice and hot, throw them on there for 3 MINUTES ONLY per side. if the flames rise up, don't worry, you'll char the outside a little but you wont over cook them. Take them off and let them sit for about 6 minutes and enjoy.

If someone wants them cooked longer than that, politely ask them to leave and invite over a friend who doesn't hate steak. If someone even looks like they want to put A-1 on them, call the authorities immediately. If someone says anything that even rhymes with ketchup in their presence, just make sure you hide their body somewhere the laws won't look.


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