It's that time of year yet again. Everyone's looking for some movies to watch with the kiddos on Netflix. Hopefully, my little list can help you out. There really aren't a lot of holiday movies on Netflix this year and there's even fewer good ones but I think its safe to say that these are the top 5 currently.


5. Gremlins: Some don't consider this one a holiday movie while others say it's a holiday must see. I say, pickin's are pretty slim when it comes to streaming holiday flicks so beggars can't be choosers lol.

4. The Grinch: Jim Carrey was spectacular in this movie so I'll gladly put it in the top 5.

3. Disney's The Santa Claus: This one brings back some childhood memories and Tim Allen wasn't a half bad Santa so it lands at number 3.

2. Bad Santa: There's a scene where a child punches a little person in the cajones....nuff said.

1: The Legend of Frosty the Snowman: It's a classic and it's sure to bring back those old childhoood feels. Easy number on on this limited list.

Between you and me, I think Netflix really dropped the ball on movies this holiday season.