Buzz Question - My husband and I have on occasion taken trips with our friends without each other. I've gone on a GIRLS trip and he's gone with his buddies. NO problem unit now. He has been invited on a trip with a MAN who has cheated on his wife recently! And, I'm sorry don't want him taking a trip with him. I've told him I'm not comfortable and don't want his ways to rub off on him!   My husband says that's 'HIM not me' and his ways have nothing to do with me. Yeah, but you can understand why I feel this way, right?



If it isn't broke don't fix it... if he like the way things are between you and him why cause problems by making you uncomfortable with this situation. Happy wife happy life !!

Yes good job! If he's hanging with a guy who CHEATS , yep it may rub off on him. Just sayin from experience! Yes, GOOD JOB! Keep your man clean!

Do you trust your man? Let him go.

If someone is gonna cheat on you, they're gonna do it regardless whether you're there or not. You can't hold their hand through life hoping that they don't make mistakes to hurt you.

They run in packs. Stand up and make sure he knows.

You shouldn’t have to ask him.As a married man he should have the respect and common sense to make the right choice on a personal note when your married there is NO boy and girl trips period

You’re sick you need a counselor

What does one man’s infidelities have to do with another? If you are that worried about your husband cheating on you because he is around a cheater, then maybe you’re not with the right man‍♀️

You don’t need to be on a boys trip or be around other cheaters to cheat. If you going to cheat you going to cheat. Why are you worried what other people do?
Btw women can cheat and they girls will never say a word or even better they girls won’t eve… See more

Nope you should trust him if you dont why are yall together

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