Listener Wrote -  So I busted my man the other day and he has a lame excuse. I noticed he had Face Timed a female co-worker. Face Time! There is no reason my man should be Face Timing anybody but me. Anyways, he told me he had accidently Face Timed her and didn't mean to. How do you accidentally FaceTime someone? Please help me understand this.


First of all nobody "tolled" you anything, he may have "told" you but not "tolled" you. Secondly, you sound a like a psychopath and he should dump you IMMEDIATELY. Talk about mental issues .

How long was he on FaceTime? Few seconds or a few minutes

Possessive much. Lmao

I’m always accidentally FaceTimeing people lol so it could happen.. The real question is how long was he on FaceTime with her

You can easily FaceTime someone. I do it all the time. Now, if it’s for work or something then no. You are not the only one he can FaceTime. I have to FaceTime my managers quite often and my husband does not trip out over that. Honestly instead of you tripping out over this situation why don’t you calm yourself down and y’all can talk like adults about the situation. If he has never given you a reason to not believe him then move on with your life girl. Also, please refresh your memory with some spelling words. ☺️

Girl you sound Dumb AF! Let me update you on how many companies work nowdays..... The company I work for uses an app called "Teams". We text, call, have meeting, share screens, and even video chat through there..... Sorry to say but you and the only sp… See more

Well it sounds like you don’t trust him enough to have a conversation with another woman regardless of if it’s FaceTime or not and if that’s the case you have bigger issues than this

My guy, put the relationship down and step away very slowly. This woman is a walking red flag. I'm pretty sure every one of us have accidentally hit that little video button rather than the phone button at one point. You my guy, are on a one-way trip to Stabsville. She gon cut you at some point. If she's latina, you have probably already been stabbed and just don't know it yet.

You need to chill

Chill!!! Pump your brakes! Sounds like you have some trust issues.

Toxica! RUN FOOL!!


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