Buzz Question - Okay, I love my MAID of Honor, but not this much. I'm getting married in 3 months and my Maid of Honor wants me to change my wedding date because it's also her Due Date. Yes she's pregnant and she has her due date NOW and it's on my wedding date. What the heck? I mean that's like a crazy request. Right? Any advice?


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Sorry not sorry ‍♀️ I’m sure you have already booked all of your stuff for the wedding by now. She will just have to be zoomed in if she is in the hospital. That is a crazy request. ‍♀️

Your friend is missing an opportunity to ENNJHOY both great events in your life. Go with the flow. It will all work out.

Yall both did horrible planning. What kinda friends are you 💀

Have the baby at the wedding. Duh

Change ur maid of honor! It’s that simple



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