Alicia Keys made a memorable appearance last night for the second day of the Democratic National Convention.

Of course, her mega-hits "Girl on Fire" and "Superwoman" were natural fits for a night that was supposed to be full of female empowerment but things admittedly got a little strange when Keys tried to bridge the gap between Bernie Sanders' supporters and Hillary Clinton's camp with her island-flavored single, "In Common"—which is clearly about a romantic love relationship. It was a bit of a stretch, to say the least, but she did try.

Song selection aside, the crowd was into it and Keys, who is still embracing her #NoMakeup movement, was energetic throughout her appearance. She dedicated her performance to The Mothers of the Movement (mothers whose children were murdered by police). The women appeared on stage earlier in the evening during one of the night's more memorable, powerful moments.

"I bow in gratitude to the #MothersoftheMovement for being Beautiful Bright Beacons of Light even through the dark," the singer wrote on Twitter, posting a picture of herself with the mothers who appeared on stage.

Keys has been busy this summer. On top of releasing her single, "In Common," she performed at the BET Awards back in June and that same month released a powerful video about the global refugee crisis, “Let Me In” which featured her single, “Hallelujah.” In addition, it was just announced that the singer will appear at Chance the Rapper's festival in Chicago, Magnificent Coloring Day in September.

Watch Keys' performance at the DNC below.



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