If you did not or do not sing to your little ones on a daily basis, you must start! The song I sang to my babies when they were little has always been 'You are my sunshine.' I'm sure they remember momma getting them ready for bed, singing (horribly no doubt) that to them as they stared back at me as if I were Celine Dion, the greatest singer in the world

They did not care how badly I sang, they loved it! So I came across this video that has gone viral of a couple singing to their baby girl. The song,This Girl is On Fire from the amazing Alicia Keys. Great song and holy moly they nailed it! I can say I did not sing near as good as this lovely couple and I didn't have back up singers. lol Check out this quick clip via TikTok:

I cannot stop watching! I love dad starting the song, then tossing it to mom to bring it with the hook and she does not miss a beat. This is everything you didn't know you needed today!

My tune may be switching from You are my sunshine, to this one for my little girl. Positive, inspiring and giving fierce vibes as in, 'baby girl (or boy) you are fierce and can do anything you set your mind to in this world!'

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