After much thought and deliberation, and being made fun of by Leo and Rebecca, I’ve made the difficult decision to retire the old cassette case/business card holder.

As you can see in the image provided, I opted for the luxurious argyle with an anchor model. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa Brizzown, slow it down brotha. That argyle is a strong move in itself but you went full gangtsa and threw in the manly anchor as well? Yes I did and I’ve gotta tell ya, I have ZERO regrets.


I realize this new bold look comes with certain responsibilities such as wearing LOCS with a black wife beater whlile drinking a 40oz. I also realize that I am bound by Thug code to pour a small portion of that 40oz out for my fallen homies. (heres to you Mr. Mittens. . . wherever you are) I not only accept these new thug life requirements but I will even take them a step further and throw up a hand symbol representing an affiliation of my choosing to innocent passersby.


Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go work on the hand signal for Game of Thrones. HOUSE TARGARYEN REPRESENT! ((pours out a sip for  Khal Drogo))