I love watching Aerial videos of cities and land. One of my favorite shows on TV is Aerial America. I am addicted to this channel! LOL
The show is on the Smithsonian Channel and one day I was flipping through the channels and it caught my eye. The show is basically an aerial view of different cites and lands around America. Great stuff.

Well, I guess my 'youtube' figured out I love these kinds of videos because this one popped up on my feed. Yep, an Aerial video of Midland, Texas. With drones and everything now the thing, we have awesome videos of anything aerial. The aerial view is something we don't see daily so it's cool to get another perspective of the land or the city we live in!
This is great video of downtown Midland and area.

All the credit goes to Dji Inspire 1 Flight in Midland, Texas and Roger Coughlin. Great stuff and great job on the video. Here is a LINK to their YouTube Page!

I find myself checking out a lot of Aerial videos of different cites and lands. I especially like views of national monuments and national parks. I really need to invest in a DRONE, because I'm fascinated from all the different 'looks' you can get with a drone or from aerial views. Gonna have to get an aerial view of the radio station someday.

I will look for more 'aerial views' from the 432 and post them in the future. And, don't forget if your a fan of 'aerial ' stuff make sure to catch Aerial America on the Smithsonian Channel.

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