Is this the sign that the Texas heat has reached its critical point? We talked earlier that eggs in Texas should be rather worried that they could be cooking on sidewalks soon. However, something else has popped up that is a bit unexpected.

Yes that is a steak being cooked on the sidewalk in Texas. Has technology gone too far? Or has the Texas heat finally reached critical mass?

This isn't the only thing they've cooked on the sidewalk however:

Bacon too? What next a hamburger...?

Oh, guess that's a possibility too. But here's the thing, I'm not necessarily sure this is even real. Why do you ask? Well here's the thing...

Would the ground even be hot enough to cook said items?

An egg seems viable to grill on the sidewalk. It something that really doesn't require much heat to fry up. but a steak or a hamburger? Unless we've built grills into the roads and sidewalks in Texas I'm a little bit skeptical.

The heat required is much more significant to grill something with area to cover. I could maybe see bacon able to be grilled. But I'm not sold on a steak or a hamburger could be cooked on a Texas sidewalk.

So how do we prove this is real or fake?

There's only really one way to test this theory, and that is to to simply buy ground beef and try to cook it on the sidewalk. Which, I don't know if I could buy meat to try and cook in full view of the public on the sidewalk.

Would you try this experiment? Let us know by sending us a message using chat feature on our FREE station app!

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