Something that will never get old...playing outside. Who doesn't have fond memories of their childhood playing outside with friends? Even better when a friend or family member took you to a local park to play on the playground. Something all three of my children enjoyed doing over the years. It's free, it's a win for parents because it wears the kiddos out and it's an opportunity for your littles to meet and play with others at the park. 

Well good news in the 432, several playgrounds throughout the city of Midland are getting a makeover! The City of Midland has announced that nine parks throughout the city will be renovated. Old playground equipment will be replaced this year. These playgrounds will be getting a bit of a facelift, which is excellent news!

Check out the list of playgrounds that are scheduled to receive updated playground equipment and the order in which they will receive renovations:

  • Reyes-Mashburn-Nelms-new equipment has already been installed, the project is complete and open to the public
  • Elkins
  • Kiwanis
  • Essex
  • Henderson
  • Trinity
  • Beal
  • Lancaster
  • Santa Rita

The estimated time of completion for all nine of these playground is sometime this summer. Also, keep in mind that safety fencing has been placed on the playgrounds currently undergoing construction and playing on these playgrounds is not allowed until renovations are complete.

What an exciting time for the children of Midland! Parents get ready to take your kids to the new and improved playground throughout the city this summer. Here is the link to the City of Midland's Facebook page to see what the various playgrounds will look like once complete.

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